Organisation of Online contests

Organisation of Online contests

By skilfully involving the client in an active interaction in the JAAQOB interactive agency, we focus on the marketing goals of the contest. Graphics, programming scripts and service constitute the integral whole, which determines the achievement of expected effects of interactive promotion.

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For 16 years we have designed and implemented over 125 online contests. We design contest applications and organise e-contests from scratch.

We advise on contest mechanisms to maximise user engagement. We develop terms and conditions, manage contests and make sure they run smoothly. Regardless of the type of contest or the scope of the task: graphics only or full service – our experience and clients make us the most popular advertising agency for online contests in Poland.

For the past 10 years we have been responsible for organising, among other things, the most popular photo contest in Poland for National Geographic.

We cooperate directly with companies looking for ready-made solutions for contests, but also with media houses and other agencies for which we are a proven partner in the field of contests.


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Online contests

Online contests

From concept to completion we create engaging contests. We help and advise you how to organise a competition that will be popular and compliant with the GDPR.

Contest managing

Contest managing

We will prepare the terms and conditions for you, be in touch with the winners, and organise the purchase of prizes and their dispatch. We will make sure that the contest is carried out correctly and in accordance with the regulations.

Ready-made contest scripts

Ready-made contest scripts

Our offer is full of engaging mechanisms that we are able to implement in a short using your branding. Implementation time may be as quick as two weeks.

We raise the bar in online contest field

If you are looking for a company that can efficiently design and organise an engaging online contest, please contact us.

Selected projects

To see us in action, learn about our work. Over the course of 16 years, we have created hundreds of projects. From small company websites to very complex portals and CRM systems, even managed by a few thousand people.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Online contests are one the effective tool for building customer engagement and increasing sales.
    Online contests can take different forms, and the condition of participation is usually the purchase of
    a brand's product.

  • Online contests are a great tool for building positive customer associations associated with a brand,
    increasing their engagement, and boosting sales.

    Online contests have a great fun element in them, therefore they influence the strengthening of
    customer bonds with the brand.

    Finally, it is one of the tools to increase the visibility of the brand, as well as to build its prestige. The
    more elaborated the contest is, and the more valuable the prizes, the greater is not only the interest
    itself, but also the perception of the brand as a quality one.

  • The creation of a contest page is a process consisting of several stages. The first of these begins at
    the stage of establishing the objectives of the contest itself. Its complexity and mechanism determine what requirements the page will have to meet.

    Creating the visual layer of the website is another important stage. Its style depends on the contest’s Key Visual.

    While creating a contest website, the stage of content creation and programming is also important.

    Before the contest website is put into users' hands, it is necessary to conduct a stage of testing.

    The contest website will be used for a short, but intensive period of time. That is why its use should be smooth.

  • The organisation of a contest involves several important issues, such as the need to create the idea of a contest, its mechanism, rules and regulations, creation of a website, and materials informing about a contest (Key Visual, posts on social media, advertising campaign, website, POS materials), ordering prizes, moderation of an online contest, shipping prizes and handling possible complaints.

    All of this makes organising a contest a time-consuming endeavour, as well as one that requires
    many skills, such as graphic design, programming and running advertising campaigns.

    While outsourcing the organisation of a contest to an agency, you have to reckon with the costs, but
    at the same time, you take off a lot of responsibilities (which in the end you will not be able to do on
    your own anyway).

    Digital agencies have an access to experts and experience in organising such contests. Therefore,
    choosing an agency will certainly make the organisation of a contest much easier.

  • Building a professional contest platform requires having a copywriting, strategic, graphic and
    programming background. JAAQOB HOLDING® is a team of professionals in each of these fields.
    After more than 14 years of existence, our account includes 125 successfully completed online
    contests. We deal comprehensively with the creation of contest websites. Our clients, meanwhile,
    can focus on other aspects of their business.

    Contest platforms created by us correspond to the latest design trends. The contest platforms we
    have created so far have been related to many different industries, that is why our experience in
    online contests are very high, which is best proved by the satisfaction of the companies cooperating
    with us.


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