Managing Google Ads campaigns

Managing Google Ads campaigns

Over 95% of Polish Internet users use Google search engine. They search for products, shops and services there. The industry doesn’t matter: today, even a forklift or a pool cleaning machine can be rented from a trusted supplier via the internet. Beyond the search engine, there is Google’s advertising network – websites, mobile apps and video content. These are all potential carriers for Google Ads. As long as your customer uses the Internet and searches for products that you have – the ad will reach right to them.

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If you need a Google Ads campaign that will effectively generate sales and increase conversions on your website, please contact us.


Within the holding structure, activities in the field of SEO/SEM are handled by ECHO Potęga sprzedaży.

ECHO agency is a team of specialists implementing online marketing focused on customer acquisition and increasing sales. It holds the Google Partner certificate and the title of Google Rising Stars, awarded to selected top Polish agencies which achieve the highest growth dynamics on the market.

ECHO uses such tools as: Google Ads (formerly AdWords), SEO or content marketing. It creates individual action strategies based on the real needs and business goals of its partners.


To see us in action, get to know our work. Over the course of 16 years we have created hundreds of projects. From small company websites to very complex portals and CRM systems, managed even by several thousand people.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Google is one of the most popular search engines worldwide and in Europe, and for many European countries, it is the primary choice for many internet users. Compared to positioning activities, a company placing a paid advertisement may expect immediate effects – the highest positions in search results for selected keywords.


    Google Ads campaigns can take various forms: text, video, and graphic, with a quick contact option or the possibility to promote and download applications. Brands are increasingly showing an interest in product campaigns, which make the goods for sale stand out from the competition. In addition, the customer can quickly see the price, data, and an image of the product.


    The system displays a targeted advertising campaign in various places, e.g. paid search results, YouTube, Google apps, and Gmail. Google Ads also offers remarketing, a highly effective form of advertising which reacquaint the customer with interest-generating content. Google Ads campaigns offer enormous possibilities, which we can adapt to a company’s individual needs.

  • Paid Google Ads campaigns are a powerful tool with many advantages. Undoubtedly, the PPC (Pay Per Click) billing system strengthens Google’s advertising mechanism. In this option, you only pay for the reactions of internet users taken by the campaign, i.e. the results.


    You can see immediate and measurable effects visible in the advertising panel. Tracking the campaign’s effectiveness makes it possible to modify the ad to increase its efficacy quickly. Campaigns can be targeted precisely at a selected target group, specifying, for example, interests, key phrases searched for, age, gender or geographical location.


    Google Ads allow the creation of a wide variety of ad formats in almost any part of Google and provide broad reach. A well-designed campaign increases sales and builds a strong brand regardless of the industry. Paid ads allow you to get to know your competitors, control your budget to the maximum and get a quick return on investment.

  • The price of a Google Ads campaign depends mainly on the CPC, i.e. the cost per click. Many factors influence its specific value. The CPC cost depends primarily on the particular keyword (more popular keywords are generally more expensive) and the competitiveness among advertisers. The ads paid the most per click are displayed the highest in the search results. And also those with the best quality not only of the content but also of the page to which they redirect.


    The advertising budget in Google Ads is influenced by:

    • The type of industry.
    • The popularity of the advertiser.
    • The customer profile.
    • The type and price of the product or service offered.
    • The time of the purchasing process.


    You need to add to the campaign price the agency’s fee for creating, setting up and monitoring the effects of the ad. It is common for companies to outsource Google Ads campaigns to external companies – specialists for specific advertising targets.

  • Of course! JAAQOB HOLDING® carries out all orders that support the achievement of the client’s business goals. Google Ads campaigns quickly and effectively reach the selected audience, so they cannot be missing from JAAQOB HOLDING®‘s offer.


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