M obile applications design and development

M obile applications design and development

We design useful mobile apps, thoughtfully considered from a business, marketing and technology perspective.

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We tailor our collaborative process to meet all your needs and goals.


We tailor our collaborative process to meet all your needs and goals.

Ikona do - Mobile applications development

Mobile applications development

We create top quality applications for demanding clients. We use good practices known in the industry as well as original solutions developed through years of experience.

Ikona do - Project management

Project management

We always want to make sure that our project is completed on schedule. We are perfectly aware of how important it is to meet deadlines.

Ikona do - User and project interface

User and project interface

Apart from making sure our applications run smoothly, we also take care to make them look elegant. The best solutions are simple and pleasing to the eye.

Ikona do - Quality assurance and project management

Quality assurance and project management

We take care of every detail so that the applications are of the highest possible usability and conversion.



For the implementation of our solutions we use an iterative process to make software development as efficient and fast as possible while maintaining high quality. We constantly involve the client and the people who will be using our system in the process to make sure all the functionalities meet their goals.


Ikona do - Business proximity

Business proximity

We want the customer to be actively involved in our daily work, to see the progress and to give feedback on an ongoing basis. This can take the role of Product Owner or business analyst.

Ikona do - Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

We do not leave our customers in the lurch. We want to make sure that our solutions continue to work and meet their objectives, so we are always ready to help.

Ikona do - Agile methodology

Agile methodology

  • Requirements analysis
  • Application and prototype design
  • Application development, identification and removal of defects


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To see us in action, get to know our work. Over the course of 16 years we have created hundreds of projects. From small company websites to very complex portals and CRM systems, managed even by several thousand people.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Mobile applications are software solutions operating on mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, palmtops, etc.

    Depending on the category and purpose of use, mobile applications have different functions – from entertainment to supporting advanced office activities from the phone.

  • Mobile application development is a complex process consisting of several stages. The first one is obviously to understand the needs of the brand, the functions to be fulfilled by the application, its assumptions, the needs of the target group, as well as what similar applications already exist on the market. This stage will allow for the improvement of mobile application development.

    Graphic design, programming and adjusting the application to UX needs are the next stages, which are the longest and most labour-intensive. At this stage, the visual layer is created, content is implemented, and the operation of mobile applications is programmed.

    Mobile applications design should end with a stage of testing. Without it, the implemented application may not work properly, and this will discourage users from having it.

  • Developing a mobile app is a complex process whose length depends on the sophistication of the app itself.

    The more functions a mobile app has to perform, the longer the design and programming process will take. Some mobile applications are very high-tech, while others focus on simple solutions. Therefore, there is no single development time for all applications.

    The more information regarding assumptions appears at the initial stage of mobile application development, the shorter the time required to create it will be.

  • The price of developing a mobile application can vary considerably. Everything depends on the level of advancement of an application. It depends on how many functions it is going to have and how rich its graphic design is going to be.

    At the very beginning of designing a mobile application, you should present your assumptions in detail, as this will make it much easier to create a quotation for the application.

  • Mobile applications created by JAAQOB HOLDING® are the highest quality products for very demanding clients. We have gained our experience in designing mobile applications while servicing various industries, therefore, we know solutions for many project requirements.

    In mobile applications we use good practices from the industry as well as our internal solutions, which we have developed over 16 years of JAAQOB existence.


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