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Since our inception, we have been sharing our knowledge with entrepreneurs to help them achieve their business goals.




The company’s history dates back to 2006 when Przemyslaw Jończyk founded an interactive agency called JPProjekt. Initially, the company focused mainly on designing websites in flash technology, which is no longer the case today. In 2010, Paweł Nejman joined the company and was responsible for building up the graphic design department. At that time, the company also changed its name to JAAQOB. The name is derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, borne by the agency owner’s first son.



Between 2010 and 2014, the company employed 12 people and focused mainly on web design and other interactive solutions. Right from the start of its operations, the company acquired a key client, the Discovery Channel TV station, which it had served in several markets early on. In November 2012, Krystian Jurdzinski joined the team, responsible for supporting and developing the digital department. Along with developing the marketing market, JAAQOB has expanded its offering to include: strategic consultancy and marketing strategies. As a result, the company acquired new clients and expanded its range of services.



In 2018, the company transformed into the holding company named JAAQOB HOLDING, bringing together three companies and partner companies while becoming a strategic and creative group. In addition to CEO Przemysław Jończyk, Paweł Nejman and Krystian Jurdziński became partners in the company. Over time, JAAQOB HOLDING already has a rich portfolio of projects for many global brands and local companies.



Nowadays, JAAQOB HOLDING® has over 50 employees, specializing in comprehensive marketing services in subscription models. Among other things, the company offers the creation of marketing strategies, digital content and tools, branding, social media services, e-commerce systems and other services related to online marketing. Thanks to its experience, JAAQOB HOLDING® is one of the leaders in the strategic marketing market in Poland and enjoys recognition among clients.


With our expertise and years of experience, we support the growth of businesses in the digital world, enabling them to build a strong position in the market. Our daily work focuses on helping clients achieve their business goals, increase sales and acquire customers more effectively. We have supported brands in their development and growth for over 17 years. Ethical principles and a commitment to sustainable economic development guide our business.


We aim to become a leader in Poland in creating marketing strategies and spreading the idea of strategic marketing. We aim to create a synergy between strategic thinking and creativity, allowing us to deliver exceptional added value to our clients.


A team of specialists under the guidance of experienced experts

Paweł Nejman CCO / Board Member

Paweł Nejman is a member of the management board and co-founder of the JAAQOB HOLDING® group, Chief Creative Officer and outstanding graphic designer, specializing in designing websites and visual identity for brands. He gained experience working for well-known companies such as Nokia, Discovery Channel, Credit Agricole, National Geographic, Eurosport, Axel Springer, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Education, UODO, Orlen or TFS HealthScience. 

Paweł Nejman has been working in the creative industry for almost 20 years. He started his career as a graphic designer, gaining experience and expanding his competence in team management. Thanks to his skills and knowledge, today Nejman is part of the management board of JAAQOB HOLDING® and successfully holds the position of creative director. He oversees the final results of graphic design projects for JAAQOB HOLDING® clients, including logos, corporate identity, websites, key visuals and advertising banners. 

The results of his work were awarded the Mobile Trends Awards in the CSR category for the Puppy Bowl project for Animal Planet and Luxury Brand of the Year in 2018. His designs have also been nominated for Awwwards and awarded at the American Advertising Awards for the website design for the Investigation Discovery Channel’s documentary series A Crime to Remember.

Przemysław Jończyk CEO / Chairman of the Board

CEO and founder of the strategic and creative group, JAAQOB HOLDING®, which employs over 50 marketing and branding specialists. At the same time, he is the creator and CEO of a modern business cluster in Poland—Business Connection Cluster, which brings together B2B entrepreneurs. He has more than 20 years of experience in business as a marketing strategist.

Przemysław Jończyk gained knowledge and experience during his studies (SWSPiZ) in management and marketing and numerous expert programs. He completed the MBS (Marketing Business Solutions) by Effie program, delivered by SAR (Marketing Communication Association) and Effie Poland. During this program, he gained workshop experience working on marketing strategies for well-known brands such as Philips, IKEA, Danone, Kompania Piwowarska and Żabka.

As a passionate marketing enthusiast, he constantly expands his knowledge by gaining numerous certificates and diplomas, including DIMAQ Professional (international quality standard in digital marketing) and CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing).

During his 17 years at JAAQOB HOLDING®, he has carried out projects for many well-known brands: Discovery Channel, Bricoman, Credit Agricole, National Geographic, Makita, and Mazda. Over the years, realised projects have won prestigious awards, such as the American Advertising Awards gold or the Mobile Trends Awards for a project in the CSR category realised for Animal Planet in the USA.

He has been implementing CSR activities for years. As part of his activities, he gives numerous lectures and talks, including at the ASBiRO University, where he donates his entire salary to a foundation that funds tuition for students from indigent families. His other passion is ESG and sustainable development, which he pursues through volunteering and educational activities as a member of UNAP (United Nations Organisation in Poland).

Krystian Jurdziński COO / Board Member

Krystian Jurdziński is a member of the board of directors and co-founder of JAAQOB HOLDING® Group, Chief Operations Officer and project manager, specializing in the development of websites, with a specialization in e-commerce. He gained experience working for many well-known brands: Discovery Channel, Credit Agricole, National Geographic, Eurosport, Palace of Culture and Science or Żak.

Over the years, he has implemented e-commerce solutions in cooperation with the organization of retailers, Retail Excellence, and supported projects of government bodies in the Irish market.

He has worked in the Internet industry for 11 years. He graduated with a degree in computer science from the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland. His projects have also been nominated for Awwwards and won American Advertising Awards for his website design for the documentary series ‘A Crime to Remember’ on the Investigation Discovery channel.
He is passionate about blockchain technology and modern technological solutions.

He is passionate about blockchain technology and modern technological solutions.


Zbigniew Flejsner Marketing Director

Zbigniew Flejsner is a passionate about new marketing solutions and tools. A true veteran of marketing, sales and business strategies. For more than 30 years, he has been advising companies on how marketing can contribute to profit growth. Hundreds of developed plans and projects and contact with countless industries give him a comprehensive and interdisciplinary view of the projects implemented.


A financier by training, so he focuses each time on the measurable effects that marketing must bring. Thousands of books and publications he has read allow him to implement proven solutions and create his tools and processes, which apply to companies of all sizes.


In his work, he fulfills his mission—to raise awareness of how much the proper understanding of marketing and its tools can do so that companies can grow better, offering decent employment conditions and contributing to economic development. He has been working with JAAQOB HOLDING® since 2018.


Privately a lover of silence and wildlife. Survivalist and avid kayaker, discovering the beauty of Poland from the water. Active stock market investor, passionate about fundamental analysis.

Iwona Surma Content Manager

Iwona Surma is a business content expert and enthusiast of the written word. Special task realizer. She has gained content marketing experience since 2016, writing texts and ads for well-known international brands. Deep down, she believes that every discipline can only have one winner, so she enthusiastically hones her skills.


Her versatile knowledge allows her to successfully and professionally execute projects for various industries—starting with IT, new technologies or RES solutions, real estate and banking, and publishing new products like cosmetics, board games and toys.


She uses her unique perspective to prepare masterful content for clients, effectively identifying their needs and vital points. She has been with the strategic and creative group JAAQOB HOLDING® since 2021, where, as Content Manager, she ensures the quality of the content she prepares and its effectiveness in business.


Furthermore, she devotes herself to news in psychology, astronomy, and earth sciences in her free time.

Justyna Cempel Marketing Manager

Justyna Cempel is a realist with a substantial dose of optimism. She claims that nothing is impossible in life. You must develop a perfect plan and have enough faith and energy, which she does not lack. Her favorite saying is, ‘A company without marketing and strategy is like driving a car with your eyes closed’.


She graduated with a degree in Marketing and Sales Management, which was the beginning of a coveted path to management. She deepens and updates her industry knowledge, claiming that constant development and the correct orientation are synonymous with success.


Since childhood, she has been fascinated by Formula One, whose strategies play a crucial role. Watching the actions of determined teams and deepening her knowledge of their operations inspires her to develop tactics to gain a competitive advantage ‘on and off the track’. At JAAQOB HOLDING® since 2021, she has helped companies stand out thanks to a strong strategy.


Privately a dancing mum who loves cars, Italian cuisine and yoga. Collector of quotes and psychology and business books.

Kamila Kasperuk Artistic Director / Project Manager

Kamila is an artistic soul, a philosopher by training, and a designer by curiosity and choice. She has toured all over the place in the marketing and advertising industry. Kamila worked with website testing, administration, and copywriting. She also worked as a graphic designer for several years, creating a variety of creations—from simple banners to creating entire websites.


Her interdisciplinary experience she also gained in the social media department, learning the dynamic social media environment and the behind-the-scenes work of a marketer from the inside.


At JAAQOB HOLDING®, she successfully fulfills the art director and manager role. Her saintly patience, scientific integrity and imagination have produced fantastic communication results with clients, staff, and project management. Experienced negotiator. A diplomat with a creative approach to people.


In her free time, she loves to gallop cross-country on her lovely ‘horseback’ and shoot a bow (also on horseback). She loves to read, write and draw.

Mateusz Pająk Sales Director

Mateusz Pająk has worked in sales for ten years. During this time, he was concerned, among other things, in real estate consultancy and later in training agents for one of the largest international real estate agencies. He was responsible for organizing prestigious conferences and fairs such as the Golden Marketing Conference, Build 4 Future and Art Of Color.


Mateusz Pająk is keen on finding win-win solutions, increasing his knowledge of modern sales and education on B2B & B2C marketing issues.


Mateusz Pająk started his career at JAAQOB HOLDING® in 2020 as a Key Account Manager, where he gained more and more experience and knowledge in marketing and sales. Thanks to his commitment, desire for continuous development and achieving above-average results, he finally took the position of Sales Director.


Privately, he owns two cheerful dogs and enjoys good old rock and finding opportunities for a weekend city break.

Barbara Nawrocka Head of Social Media

Barbara Nawrocka was involved in the social media marketing industry for nine years. Specialist in social ADS. Lover of thinking outside the box and out-of-the-box creativity. Above all, she sees people and their needs in every project. She has built her extensive portfolio as a freelancer in projects for many companies.


She has experience working for the fashion, beauty, construction, RES, smart home and medical sectors. Furthermore, she is a big fan of science, for science’s sake. Despite her years of experience and acquired knowledge, she constantly expands her competencies by participating in many pieces of training, webinars, and courses.


She has been creating JAAQOB HOLDING® since 2019. Initially, as a social media specialist, she has been the head of the social media department since 2021, acting as manager. Throughout her career, she has continuously worked to develop and deliver professional social media support to clients.


Privately, she is a happy wife, mother of four wonderful children and one cat. She loves spending time at the Polish seaside, cycling trips and good food.

Sebastian Pachucki Digital Manager / Web Developer

Sebastian Pachucki is passionate about IT and a realizer of the most challenging tasks. He took his first steps in the industry during his IT studies to expand his competence and knowledge as a freelancer right after graduation. He focuses on innovation and functionality combined with understanding the needs of today’s business.


Respecting the user’s needs, and creating designs that are accessible to the viewer, attract attention and meet business goals—allowed him to build a broad portfolio of implementations and opened the way for further development.


In 2019, he became part of JAAQOB HOLDING®, where he initially created projects as a web developer to become the digital department’s leader later. Since then, with his experienced team, he has provided clients with professional implementations and shared his extensive IT knowledge as a project manager.


Privately, he is a travel enthusiast who has set a goal to visit every continent. In addition, he supports Chelsea London and is additionally passionate about ancient history and e-sports.

Michał Hyliński UX/UI Director

Michał Hyliński was involved in the advertising industry for nearly 23 years. He has interdisciplinary experience thanks to his work in many fields related to design and marketing—graphic design, print work, computer graphics, audiovisual media and digital activities.


He developed his career by working in agencies for various industries—from publishing houses to multimedia agencies. Co-founder of the Euphoria agency. A proponent of an unconventional approach to projects and creativity, blazing undiscovered trails and looking for optimal solutions.


In every project, he puts the human being and his interaction with the product first, working according to user-centered design and design thinking methodology. He has been associated with JAAQOB HOLDING® since 2012. Initially as a computer graphic designer, he has been actively developing as a UX/UI department manager for the past ten years, which he created from scratch.


Privately, a happy husband and father of two wonderful daughters. Lover of music and intense guitar sounds, and good cuisine.

Dawid Tomasik Branding Director

Dawid Tomasik is a passionate graphic designer with a head full of ideas. During his eight years as a graphic designer, he has gained experience in the industry and had the opportunity to work for many international corporations. His specialization is the creation of visual identities and applied graphics. His portfolio includes dozens of developed logos. He leads a capable and experienced team and creates compelling and impressive results for clients as creative director.


In addition to his degree, he is constantly learning new things. He expands his competencies in numerous certified training courses, among others, in Customer Care and Customer Experience. In addition, he has completed a study on coordinating communication projects in a marketing agency. He has taken the DIMAQ basic training in online campaign planning.


His work is a response to invasive advertising in public spaces. He enjoys spending time in aesthetically pleasing places that positively influence well-being, which is his maxim in delivering projects to clients. With his realizations, he proves that advertising can simultaneously be aesthetically pleasing and practical.


In addition to the challenges in his work as a designer, he appreciates sporting challenges. He loves the mountains and enjoys spending time hiking. More recently, he has also been a tennis enthusiast.


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