Employer Branding

Employer Branding

Successful recruitment is increasingly dependent on how the company is perceived by potential employees. Properly conducted Employer Branding determines to a large extent the company’s attractiveness as an employer on the labour market. A well-thought-out and correctly executed employer branding strategy makes it possible to attract only the best employees and reduce recruitment and employee rotation costs.

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Properly conducted Employer Branding is a whole package of activities conducted through all available channels. Both informational and implemented visual concepts.

At the same time, their consistency and subordination to the image goals constitute the axis which makes Employer Branding effective. A properly developed strategy and its consistent implementation attract more and better candidates and make the employees feel more at home in the company’s organisational culture. The spectrum of possible actions is very wide.

While a separate “jobs” tab on the website with current offers is obvious, it is far too little to attract a valuable employee today. The quality of the Employer Branding communication is decisive. In particular, if the amount of the offered salary or other factors determining the attractiveness of the job do not differ from those offered by other employers.

Mere declarations, promises or development perspectives for potential employees are just empty words, repeated everywhere. Implementing an employer brand communication strategy makes the promises made credible.

Conducting communication aimed at attracting employees is already a common practice. This is external Employer Branding. An important element of an effective employer branding strategy is also, often underestimated, internal Employer Branding – targeted at current employees. It helps build loyalty, reduce staff rotation and make each employee an ambassador of the company, who attracts further employees. The spectrum of possible activities is very wide.


Within the scope of Employer Branding support and service, we offer packages of services differentiated according to individual needs, including



Within the scope of Employer Branding support and service, we offer packages of services differentiated according to individual needs, including

  • 1. Development and implementation of an effective Employer Branding strategy

    Complete implementation of the employer branding strategy from a to z.

  • 2. Creation, maintenance and updating of separate pages and recruitment services on a formal website

    We will develop or update the employer brand communication strategy within separate "job" tabs on your website. We will design the right Information Architecture (UX) so that potential employees can intuitively find the arguments that will convince them to apply. We will adjust the graphics so that the visual style reinforces the candidate's positive thinking about the company. We will keep you updated on a regular basis: news and events in the company, or a list of desired employees.

  • 3. News and current affairs editorial in Employer Branding communications

    We will develop content that is consistent with your company's communications strategy and will attract the right people to your HR department.

  • 4. Maintenance of company Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, including initial handling of job enquiries

    We manage your social media communications.

  • 5. Managing and maintaining an internal Employer Branding strategy

    We will develop an employer branding strategy designed to retain talented people in your company.

  • 6. Graphic design of advertisements, folders and recruitment websites

    We will develop visual communication that is consistent with the strategy.

  • 7. Monitoring and intervention service of opinions about the company on the Internet

    We will implement and launch tools which will allow you to monitor references to your company and give you the possibility to react quickly to negative communication.



We will develop an effective employer branding strategy for your company. Make an appointment for a free consultation with us and get a quick quote.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Employer Branding means all actions taken by a company to create its image as an employer. Its aim is to reach potential employees and present itself in the best possible way as an employer.

    Employer Branding is a long-term process which has to go hand in hand with real brand actions in the form of improvement of working conditions and employee benefits, which influence the building of attractive job offers.

  • Many internal and external tools are used to build the image of an employer brand. Internal tools include satisfaction surveys of existing employees, which may translate into information directed outside, to potential employees.

    Employer branding tools addressed to prospective employees include all kinds of information materials, online content (e.g. a bookmark or a page devoted to careers in a given company), image campaigns, open days for those interested, billboards, TV and radio commercials.

  • A well-designed Employer Branding strategy starts with the verification of goals and objectives of the company itself. It is also important to find out what kind of people you want to attract to your company – this will make the process easier for both parties, the brand itself and the potential employee. It is also essential to analyse the employer branding activities of your competitors.

    It is also important to think about the path of potential employees – how they usually look for work and how they might find out about our brand. In addition, planning the path will allow you to anticipate potential challenges and employee needs at each stage, and therefore create proposals to respond to them.

    Each company should also have an EVP (Employee Value Proposition), i.e. its unique proposals that will distinguish its offer from the competition.

    The final element is the preparation of all information materials, such as spots, printed and online materials.

  • A well-planned and designed image campaign will first of all build or strengthen/refresh the company’s image. It emphasises and conveys the values and goals of the brand.

    Moreover, it also contributes to the credibility of the brand message and influences the evocation of specific feelings. Depending on the needs of the company, this can include building trust, a sense of security or sympathy. And all of these elements support the business objectives of the brand.

  • Employer branding activities conducted by JAAQOB HOLDING® are based on a thorough analysis of the industry, location, company’s specificity and the activity of its competitors.

    We have at our disposal specialists in various fields, which allows us to provide comprehensive services in building the image of your company as an employer. Thanks to cooperation with JAAQOB all the necessary activities are carried out in one place. Moreover, you have a constant possibility of monitoring the results of our actions.


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