Websites maintenance and management

Websites maintenance and management

Having a company website is a business matter of course today. The long-term and cumulative effect can only be achieved if it is properly maintained and cared for: regular updates, technical support and dynamic content marketing.

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The changing technical environment of the internet means constant updates to operating systems, browsers and CMS content management systems such as WordPress. This necessitates constant adaptation of the company’s website in terms of correct display on all devices (desktop, mobile) and ensuring the correct operation of plug-ins supporting various functionalities embedded on the website: from simple e-mail forms to advanced navigation systems, SQL database handling or query processing by the server.

Apart from technical updates which guarantee the proper availability of the presented content, inseparable attributes of a good corporate website are its high position in the Google search engine and a large number of potential clients who regularly visit it – returning users.

Both the maintenance and growth of these parameters is due primarily to the quality of content. Each new piece of information, blog post or offer update influences both the search engine position and maintaining the potential customer’s interest.

Professional copywriting makes it possible here to achieve the planned communication, image or advertising goals.

If we add appropriate graphic design of the information and content marketing – editing the content in terms of appropriately selected keywords – then such a website achieves both the current and cumulative effect – it attracts more and more customers. Content updates and changes to the website are nowadays the to be or not to be ahead of the competition on the Internet.


Not without significance for the long-term and cumulative effectiveness of a website for attracting new customers is also the issue of security. Lack of technical updates and regular scanning of the website increases the risk that the website will be infected or even taken over by hackers. While updating plugins or the CMS is deceptively simple, only experienced IT specialists are competent to do it in a way that does not risk unwanted and irreversible changes to the website.

Neglecting security can result in a significant drop in search engine position or generation of “unsafe site” warnings both by the browser and in Google search results. Incompetently performed update may completely “spoil” the appearance of the site. It is worth entrusting this to professionals.






JAAQOB provides competence in the field of servicing and updating company websites. Depending on the client’s individual needs, our support may include a customised package of services within the scope of:

  • CMS updates (WordPress etc.) and plug-ins along with control of correct display on various devices and browser types.
  • Generation of regular security copies – backups.
  • Regular scanning for backdoors and viruses.
  • Copywriting – creation or editing of content – new products, news, blogs.
  • Graphic design – visual design of information.
  • Content marketing and SEO copywriting. Creating or editing content for search engine positioning and engagement building.
  • Employer branding:comprehensive care of communication and company image for potential employees.

We make sure that our clients' websites are always up-to-date and secure.

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Frequently asked questions

  • A website is a business card of every company. Well-kept, it inspires trust, emphasises the professionalism of the brand and encourages to use the offer. Only systematic updates of a website ensure that it does not lose its power in search engines and is constantly attractive to recipients.

    Updated – it becomes more valuable, credible, encouraging. Maintaining a website takes time and commitment, but with the right actions, upgrades, adding the freshest content and regular bug fixes, website traffic increases and thus the brand achieves its goals.

    Regular site management is also the best step to maintaining security. Viruses and malware are less likely to attack strong and updated websites.

  • Website security is one of the most important elements of a strong brand. A neglected website without updates and unsecured can cause huge losses to a business. The risk of cyber attacks, content theft, and data leaks affects any business with its own domain name.

    There are many more activities that threaten the security of a website. The negative effects that a neglected website may have on a company may be irreversible and concern not only the loss of credibility among recipients, but also profits and time spent on creating a website. Business development depends on security in many aspects.

  • Proper website management requires time and appropriate knowledge. You can manage the website yourself, if you have the capability. However, most businesses start cooperation with an agency, i.e. a team of professionals, counting on numerous benefits.

    Proven agencies guarantee results. Managing a website is usually done by people with a lot of experience and the necessary knowledge on how to do it properly. With an agency, your website will always be up-to-date, secure and attractive.
    The great advantage of entrusting a task to a web specialist is that it saves time! When the agency does its job as well as possible, the business owner can calmly take care of his or her own business – generating profits.

  • The price of running a website mainly depends on the scope of the agency’s responsibilities. The offer may focus solely on ensuring security, e.g. technical updates, making copies and scanning the website, as well as everyday activities related to the development of the website: copywriting, graphic design, SEO/SEM activities, employer branding.

    Depending on the individual needs of the client, the price of managing the website is shaped. The cost of running a website also depends on the size, industry, competition, goals to be achieved. The final cost estimate is based on the time spent by specialists to perform all tasks.

  • If you want your website to be secure and arouse interest and trust among recipients, trust the JAAQOB agency. Only then we can guarantee that your website will be managed by people full of passion, creativity, experience, who are ready to take on new challenges!

    As JAAQOB HOLDING® we specialise in creating websites and building marketing strategies. For 14 years, we have been making every effort to ensure that the websites we manage stand out for their flawlessness, out-of-the-box ideas and thoughtful content. Websites under our care are not only well maintained, but also constantly developed, which is why they build their strong position on the market.